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Drag racing cars at Barona, Match Race Madness #5

Drag racing pictures from Match Race Madness #5. These cars were paired up against each other, not in a tree format; best two out of three wins it, with a heads-up start. Drag racing photos can be purchased from the Barona track photographer, Pete Liebig, over at his website:

Match Race Madness 4, drag racing at the Barona drag strip

Drag racing photos from the Match Race Madness #4 event, held at the Barona drag strip. It’s a novel concept, that pits evenly matched pre-selected drag racers against each other, in a best 2 out of 3 series of heads-up match races. There is a list of 21 winners below, which indicates that 21 pairs […]

Drag Racing Photos Barona 2007

These muscle car photos were taken at the drag strip in Barona California, during 2007. Most of these cars would be seen drag racing at your typical neighborhood race track back in the 1970’s. Chevy Malibu big-block with a blower on top, Chevrolet Malibu Super Sport, Corvette convertible… but where did that 1951 Plymouth Business […]