HotVWs Drag Day Photos March 2008, VW Drag Racing Pictures

Here are some VW drag racing photos from the March 2008 HotVWs Drag Day event at Irwindale, CA. These are air-cooled Volkswagen bugs, beetles, and busses, but there was also a classic 1953 Porsche 356 making some drag racing passes as well. The HotVWs Drag Day events bring in a mix of local VW talent, and some fast cars from the Pro Racing Association. In the PRA all-motor class, Roger Crawford from Heads-Up Performance, and Ron Fleming from FAT, were on hand with their VW Super Street cars. Ron was driving the Mike Hunsaker bug, they have a drag racing history that goes back to the Tar Babe car that they used to campaign in the 1960’s and early ’70’s. The PRA Pro Mod VWs in attendance included Eric Calabrese in the turbocharged Red Baron, Pat in the Fast Fiat, and Hector Urias, who probably has  more seat time at the Irwindale drag strip than just about any other racer in attendance. The PRA index guys were out in force, and there were some killer VW bus burnouts that kept the crowd on its feet.

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