Match Race Madness 4, drag racing at the Barona drag strip

Drag racing photos from the Match Race Madness #4 event, held at the Barona drag strip. It’s a novel concept, that pits evenly matched pre-selected drag racers against each other, in a best 2 out of 3 series of heads-up match races. There is a list of 21 winners below, which indicates that 21 pairs of cars were run against each other. You can find out more about this drag racing series at

The winners are: Erwin Cuellar, Don Digby, Stan Chersky, Jim Woody Wood, James Ferguson, Greg Crecely, Trey Sommers, Alex George, Joe Bernier, Lance Moore, Martin Flores, Scott Hudson, Santos Renovales, Eddie Barcello, Dennis MacDonald, Felix Lewis, George Tatterton, Tito Buenrostro, JD Watkins, Tanner Stover, and Miles Harris.

Drag racing photo prints can be purchased from the Barona track photographer, Pete Liebig, over at his website:

You can get more infomation on how these Sony a7R action shots were taken, at that link.

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